About Unstaged Tableaux Vivants

These images follow in the tradition of tableaux vivants, but with a fundamental difference: these street photographs are utterly candid. While I often make use of the directional human gaze or include people looking straight towards the camera, absolutely nothing is staged, and everything is unpredictable. These chance moments are like scenes in a play where all the actors are improvising and it is up to the photographer as director, to find the narrative thread connecting them, and make the composition work as a cohesive whole.
While I realise this approach is hardly original, I do believe that contemporary photographers can bring something new to this hybrid of social documentary, street, and fine art photography, by incorporating the influences of our own experiences, geographical location, and unique personal sensibilities.
I am a walker not a stalker, so the photographs are dictated primarily by the situations I happen upon as I move rather than waiting in a specific spot for the action to come to me. I am not looking for the sensational. I believe that an intrinsic dramatic or compositional tension can often be found in images of everyday life.
I began my creative life as a painter, but my photography now is closer to the snapshot photographic aesthetic rather than pictorialism.
I was born in the UK but have lived in Italy for most of my adult life. Many of these photographs were taken in Rome, my adopted home.

Other work

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